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UPDATED: 01.12.2023 | 12:44PM


First IGHL Group Home is Donated to IGHL


44 years later, IGHL's first-ever group home on Long Island, the Mt. Sinai House, was donated by Bruce Acker to IGHL.

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News2You Curriculum at IGHL


At the start of 2022, IGHL's Director of Day Program Services, Shannon Mazza, introduced a new learning curriculum to program participants of IGHL.

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Kinexion President & CEO Featured on WBAB 102.3 - PluggedIn Podcast


Walter W. Stockton, President & CEO of Kinexion, was recently featured on WBAB 102.3 "Plugged In To Long Island" Podcast to discuss the Kinexion Network.

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The Wiseman visits IGHL

December 2022

Local radio station, Big Hits 98.1 FM, held a "Fun Office of the Week" Competition in October 2022. Radio show host, Bill Wise, the 'Wiseman', delivered donuts provided by Glenn Wayne Bakery to IGHL's Physical Therapy Department.

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Halpern IRA goes to Disney World

October 2022

Dominique and Jeffrey of Halpern IRA were given the opportunity of a lifetime to vacation at the most magical place on earth!

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Kinexion Launch Event

May 17, 2022

Members of the Long Island disabled community gathered to help unveil the new name and logo of Kinexion, a new non-profit that will organize an existing family of affiliate organizations.

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A Tribute to IGHL's DSP Staff


IGHL was featured on The Non-Profit Voice Radio Show to pay tribute to our direct support professionals.

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