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Happy Holidays from Walter W. Stockton and IGHL

November 4, 2022


IGHL's President & Chief Executive Officer, Walter W. Stockton, and the IGHL Community, have a Holiday message to share with you all!

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Rosie's Story | IGHL

June 2, 2022


Rosie, a resident of IGHL's most recently renovated group home, shares her personal story with her beloved parents about her experience at IGHL. Rosie's parents speak on why they chose IGHL for their daughter, along with expressing their gratitude towards the new renovations accommodating their daughter's everyday needs.

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A Message from Walter W. Stockton

May 27, 2022


IGHL's President and Chief Executive Officer, Walter W. Stockton, has a message to share with you all about the IGHL Community.


Giving Thanks - IGHL's Virtual Tribute & Celebrations 2022

May 12, 2022


IGHL has been supporting people with intellectual disabilities since 1978. These past few years, the people we support and the staff's perseverance has been remarkable. The funds raised during this event will help acknowledge them and support our programs & services. Thank you for helping us Give Thanks.

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