IGHL Employee of the Month

IGHL is proud to announce that Ed DePierro, Facilities Maintenance Technician, is the May 2022 Employee of the Month.

Ed has been with us for almost 11 years.  One of Ed's most challenging houses is located on a road in Riverhead, that might be somewhat in the middle. This home requires frequent repair to the sheetrock and cosmetics of the the make up. Concrete, studs, electric and plumbing make a functional home. Ed makes sure the home is warm and welcoming for those that live there. If you've done sheetrock repair, you'll know that Ed has a true dedication to those that live in the Middle of Riverhead.  Ed will tell you he loves those guys. It'll put a lump in your throat of a man that is seasoned at his job and never says no. He'll give you a cockeyed look that says I'm not sure about that, but he'll get it done I'd stand by Ed any day of the week. He well deserves to receive this IGHL honor.

The award ceremony for Ed will take place at our Manorville Opportunity Center on Wednesday, May 25th at 3:00pm. For those who are unable to attend, the celebration will be posted on Facebook.

IGHL is proud to announce that Irina Dennehy, Full Time Direct Support Professional from Center Moriches, is the April 2022 Employee of the Month.

Irina has been working since December 2020. She is the most hardest working, kind and caring. She goes above and beyond for no reason at all but because it is in her nature. We are extremely thankful and blessed she chose Center Moriches to work for. She loves the consumers and treats them with the utmost respect and love. She cooks wonderful Russian meals for the consumers and they love the delicious variety, which always include vegetables as well as baked items. Irina made sure all the consumers had so much fun at the Harvest/Halloween party by dancing with them and ensuring they participated in all activities. We could go on and, on all day, about how wonderful a human being Irina is. She absolutely deserves to be recognized as employee of the month.

The award ceremony for Irina will take place at our Center Moriches house on Monday, April 25th at 12:00pm. For those who are unable to attend, the celebration will be posted on Facebook.