A Tribute to Direct Support Professionals

East End Disabilities and IGHL were featured on The Non-Profit Voice Radio Show. During this time Kerri Neifeld, Acting Commissioner of OPWDD joined Joy O’Shaughnessy, Chief Program Officer from EEDA, and Linda Gangi, Program Director of IGHL to recognize and pay tribute to the good work of our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). Click here to listen.

Featured are Joy O’Shaughnessy, Chief Program Director for EEDA; Linda Gangi, Program Director for IGHL; Robert Dumas, DSP Crisis Respite for EEDA; and Jaimee Herrera, DSP for IGHL along with Ron Gold, Host of The Non-Profit Voice Radio Show.

Listen to Long Island Radio on 103.9 and the Non-Profit Voice is aired on Saturdays 8 am-9 am