Gifts of Stock and Securities

Maximize Your Impact

When you gift stocks and other securities directly to a charity, you make an outsized impact without taking money directly out of your bank account. Plus, neither you nor the charity will be taxed on the gains for appreciated assets you donate.

Meet your giving goals, enjoy potential tax benefits, and contribute to the change you want to see. That’s a triple-win.

Donate Stock Today

Learn more about the benefits of gifting securities.


How it works

Select which securities to donate

You'll need your brokerage name, account number, stock name, and number of shares you want to donate.

Donors generally incur the greatest tax benefit when donating appreciated stock that has been held for more than a year. Please contact your brokerage if you have any questions.

Submit a request to transfer the securities

Use FreeWill's free online tool to complete the necessary forms in as little as ten (10) minutes. Submit them securely online through DocuSign or choose to print and mail the completed forms yourself.

Charity receives your gift

Your stock is transferred to IGHL. Once complete, you'll receive a tax acknowledgement for the market value of your gift.