Smile Farms at IGHL

Making a Difference, One Plant at a Time

Smile Farms is a non-profit leader in creating meaningful jobs in agricultural environments for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, almost none of whom have worked for. This work opportunity offers people with disabilities to experience the satisfaction of earning and receiving a paycheck, the gratification of contributing to their team and community, and the delight of mastering new skills. 

IGHL currently operates three revenue-generating Smile Farms campuses, which are social enterprises that involve strong collaboration with community partners. The funds earned at each campus are utilized to support its participants' employment and its mission. 

The plants, flowers, and fresh produce that are grown at each Smile Farms campus are sold in a range of venues throughout the communities where campuses are located, used in residential homes' and day habilitation programs' kitchens, as well as donated to local charities that serve people in need.

As of 2022, Smile Farms at IGHL has partnered with a local restaurant in Patchogue, NY called, "The Tap Room of Patchogue", where fresh produce is sold and delivered to the restaurant. The cilantro, parsley, and lettuce is then utilized as fresh ingredients for cuisine on their menu. 


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Smile Farms at IGHL

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