Day Habilitations

Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck

The “Camp” Day Habilitation program is located in Center Moriches on the grounds of Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, a summer camp for handicapped children run by the Moriches Rotary Club.  This program has 12 individuals and is supervised by three-day habilitation specialists.  The main purpose of this program is to care for the camp’s petting zoo, which consists of goats, horses, sheep, chickens, peacocks and rabbits.

The individuals learn the proper feeding procedures for these animals as well as animal maintenance routines such as racking, shoveling and teamwork skills.  Community integration trips are planned around the animal needs to places like Agway, King Kullen and farm stands.  The individuals have learned that their contribution is essential to the well-being of the farm’s inhabitants. This group also works at the IGHL Organic Farm as a paid work experience.  The Organic farms produce produced is distributed to the IGHL residential programs to subsidize the food budgets.

Cornell Cooperative Day Habilitation

This unique program provides day services to 12 developmentally disabled adults who have aged-out of their educational programs. The program satisfies the requests of parents and consumers to establish a small program environment within the community as an option to the traditional day treatment setting.

At the Cornell Day Habilitation program, participants volunteer their time to perform community services such as:  raking; painting signs, park benches and picnic tables; general grounds clean-up; planting and beautifying the grounds; planting in the fields; and cultivating vegetables. Throughout the year, educational and training opportunities are provided in a variety of areas pertaining to the farm.

Day Habilitation Program Without Walls

This group has 20 participants supervised by 6 staff members.  This group starts its day at the Manorville Opportunity Center and once everyone arrives, the group departs to enjoy learning experiences within the community.  They are actively involved with volunteer ventures within the community.  Some of the participants work for minimum wage in the greenhouse and on the grounds of the Suffolk County Farm in Yaphank.

East End Day Habilitation

The East End Day Habilitation program is located on Montauk Highway in East Moriches.  This program provides unique and creative opportunities for 23 people who are developmentally disabled.  Supervised by five staff, the participants perform a variety of volunteer tasks, including litter removal at local parks, beaches and historical sites, deliveries to local food pantries, meals on wheels, performing mailing services and cleaning the facilities and equipment at a local volunteer fire department and ambulance service.  This group also works at the IGHL Organic Farm as a paid work experience.

East Moriches Day Habilitation Program

The East Moriches Day Habilitation Program is located on Montauk Highway in East Moriches, New York.  This program provides unique community-based opportunities for 11 people who are Intellectually Disabled.  Participants perform a variety of volunteer tasks including workings at food pantries, volunteering at animal shelters and adopt a road, etc.

Consumers also select to participate in a variety of social events, including movies, dances, sports and cultural activities.

Hampton Bays Day Habilitation

The Hampton Bays Habilitation program is located on Montauk Highway in Hampton Bays. This program provides services to 21 individuals and is supervised by five staff members. The Hampton Bays Day Habilitation program is home to the IGHL Art Exhibition Center designed to allow Intellectually Disabled artists the opportunity to work on their creative and expressive skills in a structure and supportive atmosphere.

Manorville Opportunity Center

The Manorville Opportunity Center Day Habilitation program, which services up to 186 consumers, is located on the ground floor of the administration building, and contains state-of-the-art adaptive devices such as automated doors and personal care facilities and mechanical "lift" systems that aid in the safer transferring of non-ambulatory individuals. This program offers a full range of services including: Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology, Social Work, Recreation, Nursing and Physician Services.

Pine Street Day Habilitation

The Pine Street Day Habilitation Program is located on Pine Street in East Moriches. This program provides services to 29 individuals who are medically frail and require specialized medical and clinical support services. Services include: Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology and Nursing. The Pine Street program has met a regional need to provide day programs opportunities to individuals challenged with severe medical needs.

Roanoke Day Habilitation

The Roanoke Day Habilitation program is located on Roanoke Ave. in Riverhead and provides services to 22 senior individuals who are developmentally disabled and is supervised by five staff members.  Program participants have access to a wide variety of recreational, social and cultural activities located in the Riverhead area. Of particular interest are the Riverhead Aquarium, Parks, and the Tangier Shopping Center.

Shade Tree Day Habilitation

The Shade Tree Day Habilitation is located on Main Street in Riverhead. The program serves 30 consumers and is supervised by seven staff members.  Participants in this program are actively involved in the Riverhead Community enjoying the various parks, civic centers, historical sites, and bowling.

Smile Farms Day Habilitation

The Smile Farms Group Day Habilitation program is located on the grounds of Smile Farms. This group services 16 Intellectually Disabled people and is supervised by five staff members. Participants are actively involved with meals on wheels deliveries to home bound seniors, arts and craft projects, enjoying local shopping excursions, movies and fund raising ventures.

Smile Farms Program Without Walls

The Smile Farms Program without Walls services 29 participants.  This program provides a unique opportunity to incorporate a paid work experience for the group.  Each day the program participants work in the Smile Farms greenhouse facilities for 1½ hours.  Each consumer is paid minimum wage for their efforts.  The Program without Walls is supervised by five staff members who have extensive experience working with people who are Intellectually Disabled.  Staff is required to have horticulture knowledge or experience.  As an individual becomes a more independent worker, other options relative to his/her vocational life goals are explored.  Meetings with the individual, his/her advocate, job coach and day habilitation staff is held to discuss other job placement.

Southampton Youth Center

The Southampton Youth Day Habilitation program is located in Southampton on the ground of the Southampton Youth Center, a town recreational and athletic center. This program has 15 individuals and is supervised by five staff members. Individuals utilize many of the centers amenities including: athletic fields, tennis courts, indoor basketball courts, and a walking track.