Agency Profile

Helping to Realize Their Full Potential

IGHL is a non-profit organization on Long Island that is dedicated to providing lifetime support and innovative services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our wide variety of dynamic services include Residential programs, Day Habilitation programs, Vocational Training, and Employment programs. Since opening the first group home in 1978, our purpose has always been to provide the highest quality of care, supports, and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, so that they can realize their full potential, and become contributing members of their community. 

Date Founded: 1978

President & CEO: Walter W. Stockton

Executive Director: Lisa Meyer-Fertal

Administrative Office Location & Contact: 221 North Sunrise Service Rd, Manorville, NY 11949. 631.878.8900

Residential Program: 55 Community-based residential homes allow people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to experience living in a home environment while receiving the specialized care they require. The goal of IGHL's Residential program is to encourage growth and independence while providing a genuine sense of belonging.

Day Habilitation Program: The 12 Day Habilitation programs offer a structured and diverse series of clinical services for individuals who have gone beyond a school program but still require a therapeutic environment. The dedicated staff teaches daily life skills both in a conventional classroom setting and out in the community. The goal of the Day Habilitation program is to provide the opportunity for all participants to develop daily living skills, integrate into their community, and experience a happy and healthy life. 

Smile Farms at IGHL: Smile Farms at IGHL is an employment opportunity that provides people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the chance to work and experience the satisfaction of receiving a paycheck. 

Family Support: The Family Support program includes evening and weekend recreation programs, training and support, assistance with service coordination and respite care. 

Number of People Supported: 1,200 People

Number of Employees: 1,062 Employees

Operating Budget: $82,000,000

Oversight & Funding Agency: OPWDD (Office for People with Developmental Disabilities)

Affiliate Agencies: The Center for Developmental Disabilities, Inc., Head Injury Association, Inc., East End Disability Associates, Inc., The New Interdisciplinary School, The Association for Technology Dependent Children, Inc./d.b.a Angela's House, and Maryhaven, Inc.

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