Angela’s House

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The Angela’s Houses assist families caring for medically frail children living at home with their parents or in special homes that offer 24-hour nursing support.




New Interdisciplinary School (NIS)


The New Interdisciplinary School is an innovative early childhood learning center that respects the unique needs of all children and their families. Our commitment is to provide therapeutic and educational services in a nurturing environment with the highest standard of expertise. 



The Center for Developmental Disabilities

For over 60 years, the Center has been on the cutting edge in trying new therapies to help people with developmental disabilities. While there is still no cure for autism, the lives of many program participants continue to improve in meaningful ways. When the Center started in 1958, our children were alone. There was no legislation affording them public education, no schools devoted to their needs, no organization to care for them.  All of that has changed for the better as the people that we serve have taken their rightful place in the community.



Smile Farms at IGHL


Smile Farms at IGHL is a local greenhouse and garden center growing annuals and perennials for sale within the community through a wholesale and retail operation. IGHL Day Habilitation participants are provided a meaningful vocational experience and earn a paycheck for working in the greenhouses to help produce the items. Participants gain important job skills, self-esteem, and increased independence.



VIBS - Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk


Established in 1976, Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk (VIBS) has been a pioneer in the domestic violence and rape crisis movements.

VIBS’ mission is to assist the survivors of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, elder abuse, child sexual abuse and human trafficking; to prevent the incidence of these crimes through education and services; and to raise community awareness of the need for justice and compassion for victims.

VIBS envisions a community free of all forms of abuse and advocates for societal changes that will eliminate or decrease domestic and sexual violence.