Celebrating Excellence: Eric Bielski, Our Distinguished Coordinator of Curriculum


In a heartwarming ceremony held in Suffolk County, IGHL's Coordinator of Curriculum, Eric Bielski, was not only presented with a prestigious award but also received an official proclamation dedicating a day in his honor. This recognition stands as a testament to Mr. Bielski's unwavering dedication to our community, a commitment that has spanned over two decades.

For an impressive 24 years, Mr. Bielski has served as a coach at Center Moriches High School, leaving an indelible mark on the sports community with more than 200 wins, a record that proudly sits at the top in Suffolk County. His coaching prowess extended beyond the playing field, encompassing both basketball and baseball. What truly sets him apart, however, is his remarkable ability to integrate the people we support with student-athletes.

Mr. Bielski's influence goes beyond the traditional sports arena. He took the initiative to coach a basketball team comprised of people living with disabilities from our residential homes and day programs, demonstrating his commitment to inclusivity and fostering connections within the broader community. This endeavor not only showcased his passion for sports but also highlighted his dedication to creating opportunities for everyone, regardless of background or ability.

His legacy extends further as he continues to engage in community outreach and services, reinforcing his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the school gates. Currently, Mr. Bielski is actively collaborating with Center Moriches High School on behalf of IGHL (Independent Group Home Living) to establish robust School-to-Community partnerships.

One of his pivotal roles involves working with recent graduates, acting as a bridge between the academic world and the real-life opportunities within IGHL. By doing so, Mr. Bielski aims to draw in new talent to our field while simultaneously showcasing the diverse possibilities available within IGHL to those graduating from the Life Skills programs at Center Moriches High School.

The pride we feel for Mr. Bielski's accomplishments is immeasurable. His tireless dedication, leadership and community-focused initiatives have not only shaped the athletic landscape but have also fostered an environment of inclusivity and support that resonates far beyond the playing field. It is with great admiration and gratitude that we celebrate Eric Bielski, a true champion in every sense, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact he will continue to have on our community in the years to come. Congratulations, Eric!