News2you Curriculum at IGHL

News2you Curriculum Introduced to IGHL's Program Participants at Manorville Group Day Habilitation

Friday, December 22, 2022 | 12:31PM

In January 2022, IGHL's Director of Day Program Services, Shannon Mazza, introduced the new curriculum, News2you. News2you is highly interactive and adaptive to the differing abilities of our program participants. This curriculum provides different weekly topics which include current worldwide news. Eric Bielski, IGHL's Curriculum Coordinator, has trained each staff member of Manorville Day Habilitation to understand and implement this curriculum cognitively to their participants.

Each lesson within the curriculum incorporates reading comprehension, math, social studies, and geography, which is all either broadcast on their classroom TVs, or printed out as worksheets. Within each individual topic, there are arts & craft activities as well as hands on recipes that coordinate to each lesson, and is enjoyed by all participants.

Our program participants who have a greater ability get the opportunity of an extension of News2you, which is real-life interactive lessons that primarily focus on independent living skills, cell phone use, emergency situation knowledge, etc. In the real-life interactive lessons, participants are taught through real-life scenarios, and are guided by their teachers on how to appropriately manage the situation.

Every classroom at Manorville Day Habilitation is actively participating in the News2you curriculum. Eric Bielski has recently introduced News2you to our program participants at East Moriches Day Habilitation, and eventually planning to incorporate it at all of IGHL's Day programs.