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Community based residences are neighborhood homes that allow people with developmental disabilities to experience the security and comfort of a homelike environment, while receiving the specialized care they require.
Each residence is home to between 3 and 12 men and women and a staff of trained professionals. It is the common goal of each home to incorporate chores and skills necessary for independent living into the daily lives of each person. Responsibility, self-discipline and cooperation are stressed at the homes.
Each person is urged to contribute to the completion of day-to-day household chores, working alongside their housemates and members of the staff. Self-esteem is further developed as every resident is encouraged to care for his or her own grooming and household chores.
In specially constructed homes for nonambulatory individuals, every feature is designed to provide maximum mobility and safety. Designed to exceed strict Federal guidelines, these homes are unique structures for people with unique challenges. Many people require special care and the IGHL staff is especially concerned that their needs – both physical and emotional – are met.
The ambitious goals of IGHL’s residential programs are to encourage growth toward living more independent lives while providing a genuine sense of belonging; and, most importantly, to continually nurture each person’s physical, psychological and emotional growth