Family Support

Recognizing that the responsibility of caring for a intellectually disabled child at home can sometimes be overwhelming, IGHL has instituted a Family Support Services Program.

Recreation Programs

The IGHL Recreation Program gives parents needed respite from the str
ess associated with the constant care of children who are intellectually disabled, confident that their loved ones are engaged in mea9571705153_d1901c213a_bningful activities designed to foster independent living and nurture developmental skills.

Training and Support

Training and support sessions provide parents and relatives with strength and support to help them deal with the responsibility of caring for and living with a person who is intellectually disabled. Meeting in group sessions, they gain a greater understanding of the problems and find solutions.

Respite Care

Parents of a child who is intellectually disabled may request the services of the IGHL Respite Care Providers Program. Experienced supervision is provided by trained respite care providers who stay at the parents’ home. This at home care allows parents peace of mind, confident that their child is being cared for by knowledgeable and responsible professionals.

Parents who find it necessary to leave their child for an extended period of time are encouraged to consider one of the IGHL Respite Houses. Staffed by trained IGHL direct care counselors, the Respite Houses offer expert care and supervision in a homelike environment for periods ranging from 24 hours to two weeks.

Service Coordination

Service Coordination is available to persons with intellectual disabilities living in the community. A team of Service Coordinators act as advocates for individuals who are developmentally disabled living at home with their families or at a home operated by IGHL or another service provider. They work to obtain a full range of services to meet the consumer’s goals and needs and coordinate a program that provides the greatest opportunity for independent living.